Bullion Testing

Nevada Coin Mart uses an X-Ray Spectrometer in analyzing the metal content of your bullion. Doing so  lets us have a better idea on what makes up your bullion items, which is a huge factor in coming up with the best offer we can give you. Each evaluation aims to grade your metals based on the following attributes:

  • Condition (signs of wear, especially on the portions of legends and lettering) 
  • Visual factors (such as oxidation, scratches, etc.)
  • Design 
  • Sharpness, clarity, and readability of date and other features
  • Luster
  • Weight
  • Metal composition (measured using Troy Weight Standards)

This procedure will not leave any marks on your precious items.Putting your items through this process is more favorable than the standard scratch-tests that physically damage your bullion. If done improperly, the scratch test can even cause a decrease in your bullion’s value.